Tyler & Jacquelyn Fedigan

Tyler and Jacquelyn own and operate Saratoga Springs Float Spa.  


Tyler is a Licensed Massage Therapist focusing on integrative massage and energy work.  He originally founded the business in 2009 as Saratoga Springs Massage Therapy.  


Jacquelyn has been a Registered Dietitian for nearly 20 years.  She has shifted her focus to being a Reiki practitioner, but still uses her nutrition background to enhance her healing energy work.

In 2014, Tyler and Jacquelyn discovered the therapeutic benefits to floating and introduced the first float tank to Saratoga Springs.

After witnessing the positive impact of one float tank, Tyler and Jacquelyn expanded the practice in 2018 to include two float tanks.  They are dedicated to health and wellness, and continue to search for alternative tried and true healing offerings for the community. 

376 Broadway Suite L1  Saratoga Springs, NY

Open Thursday - Sunday by appointment

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