what are essential oils?

Essential oils come from naturally occurring compounds that are found in plants.  They live in all parts of a plant; the flowers, roots, leaves, seeds, stems, or even the bark.  These compounds provide the plants with protection against predators and disease, and also play a role in plant pollination.


It was discovered in ancient times these compounds can be distilled into essential oils, and can be beneficial to us.  They are extremely potent!  Each oil possesses the healing properties, smell, and other characteristics of the plant from which they were extracted.


Today, essential oils aren't just in spas.  They are in the home, office,

and professional health facilities.  From the medicine cabinet to

the laundry room, each essential oil can be used in literally hundreds

of different ways.  


There are several brands of reputable essential oils, and we chose

DoTerra Essential Oils.  They are of high quality, offer a large

selection, and are easy to use.                                



to shop DoTerra's full line of products at the

Saratoga Float Spa Oil Store.

a few of our favorites

Click the bottles below to learn more about our most frequently used oils and blends from around the Saratoga Float Spa as well as our home.


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