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your first float


I'm new to floating at Saratoga Springs Float Spa.  What should I expect?


Upon arriving at our Float Spa, you will be greeted and we will check you in.  We will then show you to the rest room, a good practice to get in to before every float.

Once you are settled, we will show you to one of our two private float rooms.  Both of the float tanks and amenities are exactly the same in each of our float rooms (which we have lovingly named "Sapphire" and "Jade.") They only differ in decor.


We will then chat a little bit about floating, what drew you to floating, and answer any questions you may have.  We will also discuss some techniques that will be tailored just for you in regards to your reason(s) for floating (i.e. chronic pain, stress/anxiety, etc.)  Don't worry, we leave plenty of time so that you will be able to enjoy the full duration of your appointment (60 or 90 minutes) in the float tank.

Moving on, we will teach you how to properly use the tank.  Showers are on sight, and we require that everyone uses the shower before and after they float.  It is imperative to scrub and remove all oils and lotions from your hair and body immediately before entering the float tank. (Yes, even if you have already showered that day.)  We provide everything you need; soap, shampoo, shower scrub, towels, waterproof earplugs and even contact lens cases and solution.

From there, we leave and give you the room so you may begin to prepare for your float.  We remain in the facility at all times in case you are in need of any assistance.

Now you are floating! Time to relax, reflect, and renew.

Once your float is over, we will remotely turn on some peaceful music to let you know the time is up.  But PLEASE MOVE SLOWLY.  We don't wish to rush you.

Make your way to the float door, stand, and allow all excess salt water to fall from your body back into the tank.  Carefully step out into the shower using the hand rails, and wash the remaining salt water from your hair and body.

Each Float Room has a private vanity for you to use for your post-float beautifcation process.  We leave out for you an extra towel, leave in conditioner, lotion, q-tips, clean combs and a hair dryer.  Again, we have built in an extra 15minutes to your appointment for you to enjoy these amenities.  The last thing we want is for you to feel rushed.


Once you are set, you may exit the room and share your experience with us if you like!  We recommend plenty of water and a good meal after you float.  We also recommend floating on days/times that you don't have a huge agenda, if possible.  The term "post float after glow" has been coined to describe the relaxed state floating can leave you in.

If you have any questions at all about floating, or our facility, please do not hesitate to contact us