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what is integrative massage? 

Integrative Massage is a therapeutic treatment designed to tend to both the soft tissues and the subtle energies of the body to achieve a desired outcome.  Integrative massage combines aspects of several different styles of massage therapy and/or energy medicine.  No two sessions are alike.

the philosophy.

If we stop and think, our bodies are healing machines.  Many of our

injuries simply take care of themselves without intervention.  Cuts

and scrapes vanish in days. If we twist our ankle, we inherently know

to ice and elevate long enough for the body to work its magic. 


We apply the therapeutic techniques we have learned not in a way to

fix your body, but to unblock the healing mechanisms your body

already possesses.

what ails you?

If you are looking to make improvements to your self care, we are here to help.  Recent injuries, chronic pain, athletic preparation/recovery, stress induced discomfort, and an endless amount of things as infinite as we are individuals.  If you want to make a change, we would love to help.