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what is a shamanic energy clearing? 

A shamanic energy clearing is an ancient Incan tradition that removes dense energy from the energy field that surrounds each of us. It mainly utilizes a technique called hucha mikhuy. Hucha is the Andean Q'ero word for heavy, dense incompatible energy.  Mikhuy simply means to eat.  So the term Hucha Mikhuy literally means eating or digesting dense energy.


what is dense energy?

The Paqos, who are priests and priestesses of the ancient Q'ero tribe and descendants of the Inca, do not describe energy as negative or positive, good or bad. They look at it as dense or light.  Dense energy is incompatible with our purer energy, which is referred to as SamiSami means a pure, more refined, closer to Source effervescent-like energy.

do I have dense energy?

If you have awakened in the morning feeling as though you have several wet wool blankets on you, then you may have too much hucha, or dense energy. Too much of this dense energy in our energy field can make it hard to make it through the day, and can be quite exhausting.

Other signs of carrying too much hucha can include:

  • inability to focus, confusion and excessive worry

  • anxiety and/or panic attacks

  • nervousness

  • sudden and inexplicable sadness or depression

  • insomnia

  • nightmares / night terrors

  • elusive feelings of being unwell

  • pain that your doctor(s) can't explain or say is “psychosomatic”

  • anger

  • anything that disturbs your peace


how does one attract dense energy?

We can pick up dense energy from those who are near us.  If you work in a toxic environment or are around people who exhibit erratic behavior, they can have an effect on your energy. You may have noticed how the energy can shift when someone like this enters the room. We have all experienced the effects of hucha at one time or another.

how can a shamanic energy clearing help?

The hucha mikuy technique clears the energy around you of hucha, and returns it to its purer state of sami. After which, just to name a few benefits, you can feel calmer, more peaceful, clearer and able to handle the challenges we all face in our daily lives with a more balanced state of being.  You will also be taught techniques to protect yourself from absorbing other peoples' dense energy moving forward.

These practices have been used for hundreds of years to help allieviate countless symptoms and conditions.  It is a gentle and non invasive therapy everyone should experience.


Miriam Danielle Allen

Miriam Danielle Allen is an Ordained Minister and Multi-Modality Energy Healing Practitioner with over 28 years of experience.  For a full listing of Miriam's offerings, visit her website: